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The mould makes automation -- the way that mould center allows you to set foot on high speed to succeed

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Mould treatment incline to is modular develop increasingly in mould treatment today, mould treatment is versed in by original dependence the experience making a model of modular master, undertake through the mode such as draw a design, sculpture, discharge the model is produced, development is analysed through using CAE to undertake flow path to now / imitate, undertake designing with CAD, undertake process designing with CAM, will machine fittings of workpiece and electrode, down to to standardize with CNC / modern mould machines means. Because standardize the use of clamping apparatus,gain ground increasingly in last few years, many mould core and electrode treatment means are able to realize standardization treatment, the mould is machined to modular way develops. Mould treatment cycle shortens now of the newer cycle of commodity shorten, the competition of the market is increasingly intense, the treatment of requirement mould is more consequently quick, then mould treatment cycle reduces 15 ~ 40 days 20 days by original 30 ~ , fewer even. The mould machines an enterprise to must have more efficient production efficiency, ability gets used to the newer cycle of commodity. The mould machines automation, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly as manpower cost rise, raw material rises in price, the reason such as mould price fall, make the mould machines an enterprise to must convert the manufacturing efficiency that new technology will come to raise a pattern. Develop as the high speed of robot technology, before the mould machines automation to appear in people. Automation route system is comprehensive the numerous equipment such as much stage CNC, EDM, CMM, robot, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly. By can identify chip the mould center that can accurate, reliable ground identifies any workpiece and electrode OPS-INGERSOLL company to measure a body to have something made to order for mould manufactory, mix by library of a machining center of high speed of a machine tool of form cutting of an electric spark, CNC, makings composition of a robot place. By task management the system coordinates treatment process, according to the task first principle has sort to treatment. Makings library is mixed by the tray of 8 UPC workpiece that can identify chip collet of 180 ITS electrode comprises 70 ~ , robot and machine tool by can identify chip can accurate, reliable ground identifies any workpiece and electrode. Mould center can run a mould 24 hours continuously the center can undertake 24 hours moving reliably continuously. Workpiece is finished after holding clip put mould center to undertake CNC treatment and EDM discharge are machined, rose to machine quality greatly, twice rose to machine speed and crop, shortened thereby the production of the mould is periodic. This kind adopts systematic automation technique, craft of compositive and different treatment already was the development trend of mould production technology. Mix electric spark form cutting high speed milling is compositive arrived in unit of a treatment, produce respective craft advantage adequately, raised equipment to manufacture efficiency apparently, shorten production time and mould production are periodic, raise a mould to machine precision and machine tool utilization rate, achieve thereby reduce mould finished cost. These dominant positions use the equipment place that runs alone to cannot be obtained. OPS-Ingersoll mould center, after the center of mould of OPS-INGERSOLL of integrated and efficient treatment that realizes workpiece is accepting the treatment job that serves as order, can begin from CAD/CAM, build treatment project, the workpiece in processing work the process processes form, report machines form to be put into corresponding treatment project, undertake through the system is being controlled in the center of mould center machine tool control, workpiece is carried, clip of outfit of tray clamp, electrode and cutting tool are chosen, the debus of work finished product that machine tool treatment is started and already completed treatment, and in the workpiece on makings library access. All thing shift works to be undertaken automatically by robot of pilot of mould center institute, the worker needs to installing discharge to be versed in only a makings library that assembles workpiece tray to treatment unit on but. Differ two kinds through automation solution the machine tool that machines means is compositive together, realized the integrated and efficient treatment of workpiece. Real case some plastic mould plant is original machining center of 5 common CNC, reach machine of 4 EDM scintilla, with traditional pattern treatment means produces pattern of many 20 mobile phone every months, mould productivity is far cannot achieve demand of its plant order. Through introducing center of an OPS-INGERSOLL mould, the mould machined a process to produce the change of essential sex, modular benevolence is passed rough machining undertakes in common CNC machining center, next the high speed machining center that finish machining and electrode treatment are in OPS-INGERSOLL mould center undertakes machining, the result can reach minimum of every months of production 40 moulds. Whole production process becomes easy, pledge efficiently, high, the client is very satisfactory to the result. High speed milling is united in wedlock with what electric spark machines, reflected a mould to machine craft forward the tendency that efficient low cost develops. The production manufacturer that the solution with this kind of compositive automation should produce electric spark to machine machine tool and high speed milling machine at the same time by will supply. Cooperate with the manufacturer that masters these two kinds of craft at the same time, can obtain the help with the unbiased opinion on craft and decision-making investment undoubtedly. Solution of this one basket also facilitates at the same time the maintenance of equipment and overhaul, let equipment develop highest efficiency. Output of mould center month (the current situation is real average) plane of makings of steel of · of; of productivity of mould of · mobile phone and all around the knife that surround light: CNC of · of 2 =2h; and EDM touch average 1h × several time: Average 1h × 2 =2h; · is aggregate: 30h (a mould of a mobile phone) automation of; · produces per month a quantity: 24h × 23h (30h-7h=23h)=31 of 30 days of ÷ .

Mould of 3 mobile phones. The link that can improve further 1, guide as early as possible CMM (3 coordinate) but managing: Plane of ◆ steel makings and 2h of week of four the knife that surround light; ◆ CNC and EDM touch several time 2h. 2, guide detector of damaged of NC cutting tool: Makings of ▼ hour supervisory steel and black lead cutting tool use the damaged rate after passing, allow precision in order to master the essence of treatment electrode or workpiece; ▼ everyday steel makings cutting tool is online measure 2 times / black lead cutting tool is measured 1 times add up to 1h (average) . 3, process designing project optimizes: At present steel when treatment, rough machining surplus is more, for 0.


5mm, it is with the model before Z013036 exemple: Rough machining surplus is 0.

4 ~ 0.

5mm, when semifinishing machining, because process designing fears surplus is overmuch, undertook semifinishing machining 2 times, the 1st times semifinishing machining leaves surplus for 0.

15mm, the 2nd times semifinishing machining leaves surplus for 0.

08mm, if surplus leaves when rough machining,be 0.


4mm, can reduce semifinishing machining 1 times, can reduce the handling time that restricts 10 minutes. With producing mould amount March plan (27 schedule of the day of ~ finished day on March 5) during common 25 moulds, having 50% among them is to need to quench treatment: A 1 mould is · 15, a 2 moulds are · 10, add up to modular benevolence 70, 35 × 10=350 minute ≈ 6 hours of remarks: Implement above measure, every months but spare time and raise yield: (2h+2h) × 30 days of =120h(guide CMM) , can bring 120h ÷ 23h=5 every months to cover a mould more (10 modular benevolence) . CNC Milling