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Improve the design of machine tool cast and method

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Machine tool cast is industrial development must one of structures, the design of cast of large to mechanical stability machine tool improves cast of methodological lathe bed to clear the hairdressing that essence is pair of cast, alleged clear even if make cast surface quality is able to rise. To small, undertake with revoluting hexagonal drum first thick clear, reoccupy casts bolus to clear revolving stage is right secondly second essence is handled, use from finally belt remove dust the grinder finishing of equipment, qualification hind brushs antirust lacquer put in storage. Cast-iron fusion and pouring molten iron quality is affected to cast surface quality, main show is in two respects: It is: The content of the impurity in molten iron, especially ferric oxide content, it is in extremely easily slag inclusion of cast surface generation or broken bits stoma; 2 be: Content of the gas in molten iron, aeriform content makes cast is in easily high the surface or hypodermic generation are stomatic. The main step that we take is to raise molten iron temperature, build perfect cupola testing system, make sure cupola is in whack. The choice craft parameter of craft parameter is right cast dimension precision and clear-cut degree have bigger effect. Experiment through many second craft, choose seriously to each craft parameter. Apply positive result of newest foundry technology widely, raise foundry technology level, cast blemish in order to decrease, especially cast surface blemish. Cast of bed of large scale computer reachs people living standard to rise as technology development, what manufacturing industry of cast of bed of large scale computer faces is to make an object update frequency to accelerate, the important sign of comprehensive strength of machine tool industry. CNC Milling