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The function application of linear slideway reachs a characteristic

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As the ceaseless development of modern production technology, make traditional manufacturing industry produced tremendous change, unifinication of numerical control technology, Electromechanical and industrial robot aborning received more wide application. At the same time the fixed position precision of mechanical main transfer machinery, oriented precision and feed speed are in rise ceaselessly, make traditional oriented orgnaization produced major change. Since beginning commercialization 1973, scroll is linear slideway deputy with its particular character, replaced traditional slip and linear slideway gradually, wide application received in industrial production. Got used to nowadays machinery to be spent to high accuracy, high speed, managing the sources of energy and shorten the requirement of product development cycle, already was machined in all sorts of heavy-duty combination by wide application machine of cut of electric spark of machine tool, numerical control machine tool, high accuracy, grinder, industrial in the machine that robot and even general industry use. Scroll is linear slideway deputy function characteristic   1.

Tall scroll of fixed position precision is linear the scroll of ball of steel of athletic have the aid of of slideway comes true, resistance of slideway deputy attrition is little, poor value of activity attrition obstruction is little, not easy generation is creeping when low speed. Repeat fixed position precision tall, comfortable collaboration is started often or the athletic component of inverting. Can go to set of precision of machine tool fixed position exceed micron level. At the same time the basis needs, increase preload to carry on one's shoulder or back appropriately, ensure steel ball does not happen slip, implementation moves smoothly, reduced athletic concussion and vibration. 2.

Wear away small lubricant to the fluid of sliding slideway face, as a result of the float of oily film, the athletic precision error of generation cannot avoid. Below great majority circumstance, the fluid lubricates an area of border of be confined to, the direct clash that be contacted by the metal and produces cannot avoid, in this kind of attrition, much energy was dropped by waste with attrition loss. To it contrary, because attrition waste time can be little,scroll is contacted, the attrition loss of scroll face also decreases accordingly, reason can make roll linear slideway system is in high accuracy condition for a long time. In the meantime, because use lubricating oil very few also, this makes the lubricant system design in the machine tool and use those who safeguard a respect to change is very easy. 3.

Get used to high speed to move and reduce drive power to use roll considerably because the machine tool of linear slideway chafes resistance is little, the dynamical source that can make need and motivation deliver orgnaization miniaturization, make drive torque decreases greatly, make machine tool place needs electric power to reduce 80% , energy-saving effect is apparent. The high speed that can realize a machine tool moves, raise the work efficiency 20~30% of the machine tool. 4.

Carrying capacity strong scroll is linear slideway deputy it is better to have bear the weight of function, can bear the force of different way and pitching moment load, if bear to control directional power up and down, and bumpy moment of force, jolty moment of force and place dynamical quadrature. Accordingly, have very good load adaptability. Designing in making, try proper add load to be able to increase damp beforehand, fight in order to rise brace up quality, can eliminate high frequency and oscillatory appearance at the same time. And sliding slideway is in parallel interface direction but bear of susceptive side direction is lesser, easy cause a machine tool to run precision undesirable. 5.

Assemble the sliding slideway that provides interchangeability tradition easily to must undertake blowing grinding to slideway face, give or take a lot of trouble already take time, and once machine tool precision is undesirable, must blow again grind. Scroll slideway has interchangeability, should change only slide block or slideway or whole scroll slideway deputy, the machine tool can recover high accuracy. CNC Milling