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Process composite material with groovy means

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Never machine overheat solid sex composite material -- the material that a kind of density is steel density 1/5 about -- it is very difficult that the plant won't think its are machined possibly. Be located in American power a lot of aircraft processing factories that the discovery of company of Amalga composite material of city of West Allis of Si Kangxin city has similar attitude are machined to this kind undertook trying. But, they machined the first time of composite material to also become its last time. The president of company of Amalga composite material holds presiding operation official Dr. Jack DeLuca concurrently to think, each aircraft processing factory is right treatment composite material " and stop " have two common causes. Possible processing factory uses the cutting strategy that fits aluminium or steel alloy, this kind of way is obvious cannot the composite material that efficient treatment has abrasion. Another reason may be the dust that when operator rejects to cutting the part that reinforces body composition into epoxy resin and fiber with cutting tool thoroughly, generates and foul contact with. Facilities of standard metal treatment can be used at mill, car having on abrasion composite material, grind wait for treatment. The key is to want to match craft variable and data phase. Company of Amalga composite material produces fiber technically to wrap a product, such as transmission shaft, roller, pressure vessel and pressure canister. It still machines the upright lid of conduit product through pressure mould means, and etc of motivation of aviation, fluid is industrial spare parts. It is special that its make process in part twine or modular casting is thick composite material spare parts; Other in part is to machine these spare partses technically. The company is already affirmatory, any treatment operations that can have on metallic spare parts almost are OK also undertake on composite material spare parts. In addition, the mill that it has, car, auger, grind the traditional metal that waits for treatment process to used the may not when be being designed to consider composite material to machine to machine machine tool and cutting tool to undertake. Like the data that processes any types, the key is reach cutting tool through using the cutting technology that suits composite material most and make craft and spare parts photograph match. In this respect, true with change steel part from aluminous spare parts at ordinary times and comfortable to machining a method to undertake deserve to do not have what different. In 10 years of time in the past, the client amount that asks to its the spare parts undertakes be machininged completely in company of Amalga composite material is increasing steadily; These spare partses need to assemble merely a little, spray paint or undertake balancing handling. The vice-president Gregg Piper of responsible project of Dr. DeLuca and company is " Modern Machine Shop " the summary of treatment operation type that offerred spare parts of their composite material to machine a need. A few effective methods that they still pointed out themselves to be found to process data of this kind of abrasion for us. It is to the simple answer of the inclined end that cut a canal, resemble in the graph special like form mill, use electric machinery of air of high rotate speed and hard alloy to go machine tool of burr triangle authentic. Inclined the 1/5 that cut time machines place of this kind of outline to need time for lathe. Material difference company strengthens material to have two kinds with the fiber at composite material product, namely glass and carbon. Glass is cheaper than carbon, use in cost the circumstance with higher demand of low, strength. The tenacity that choosing what carbon basically takes a fancy to is it, carbon fiber part may be as tough like steel, but weight has steel only however 1/5. Do not have between these two kinds of fiber great but cutting sex difference. Glass provides abrasion more than carbon, cause cutting tool to wear away faster. And carbon is more fragile than glass, produce finer dust, easier generation is clean the question that spends a respect. The pipeline of thick composite material of the company is built on club of accurate plating chromic core, strengthen material with fiber of coating of the colophony on the means plating of alternate cut facing among them (make fold a process) . Decide according to specific application, conduit wall is large for 1/8 ~ 3 inches. The loose model agent on core club can help besmear Fu get off after solidify conduit. The diameter of crude pipeline is 1 ~ 42 inches, want fixed length to had been cut commonly, plan fabricating operation. Fiber twines product and lumber similar, because they have direction of grain, grain and the different strength related to these grain direction. Specific attribute is designed in the spare parts that company of Amalga composite material can twine in filament in order to simplify fabricating process, because stuff is right,treatment process can strengthen material according to fiber, twine angle and colophony to the recipe differs and make different response. The company has discovered, parallel undertakes at fibrous length direction cut wants to come easily than cross fiber cut commonly. Because,this is, when cut off fiber happens commonly rupture, cleavage in edge length direction it is easy to should cleavage than becoming 90 degrees way with fiber. Such cut generation break off broken possibility to want a few smaller. Be fiber strengthens material to make composite material is compared not stuff is plastic such as nylon is stabler. In the meantime, strengthen in treatment blame plastic when, still must consider to rebound problem (because of cutting tool pressure generation is out of shape) , but this problem is so serious without composite material problem. The treatment technology that the company uses in processing composite material and equipment overview are below. Cutting tool system, composite material is inherent and characteristic it is caustic, cause cutting tool easily to wear away quickly. Inspect a condition and decide, high-speed steel (HSS) , hard alloy and diamond coating cutting tool are cutting tool of feasible composite material treatment. Without giving thought to the material of cutting tool or coating how, its geometry appearance should be had before horn. Tangent cuts blade easy jab to receive data. The efficiency that efficiency of fibrous of treatment of this kind of method is lost than using or neuter outline chafes or had scraped material and has machining is taller. High-speed steel is the cheapest in material of 3 kinds of cutting tool, can machining batch use below very brief case -- among them life of overall cutting tool is not very important, machine like large quantities of quantities cannot. Hard alloy is in high-speed steel and diamond in cutting tool life and wearability respect between, according to these accordingly character is used accordingly. Diamond coating cutting tool is the most commonly used cutting tool in the composite material treatment of company of Amalga composite material, because they are in,a lot of cutting have highest wearability in the operation. No matter use the cutting tool data of what type. Dog accurately the handling time of cutting tool is very important. The metropolis such as high-speed steel, hard alloy and diamond cutting tool wears away and narrow on the diameter; Operator can try to dog to this and take corresponding action. When cutting tool becomes blunt, its incline to lives at cut and not be to break off fiber, circle fiber and be pulled open from the spare parts and be being solved is not cut fiber. Machine tool operator needs those who understand cutting tool to anticipate active life, change before cutting tool becomes blunt cutting tool (it is normally after having a certain number of second treatment) . When processing composite material, the colophony that wants a part only, fiber or fiber twine angle to do not have change, can predict cutting tool life. Use this steel lengthen the toggle type clamping apparatus that go up, composite material conduit can be installed on lathe and do not send a spare parts to damage or be out of shape. Cooling fluid, use wet treatment of dry still type depends on greatly treatment operation. Composite material thermal conductivity is very low, because this is opposite,the cutting operation with calorific higher volume wants to use cooling fluid to reduce deterioration of spare parts colophony. Cooling fluid still can make edge temperature holds control position, this prevent coating to fall off from cutting tool matrix to diamond coating cutting tool have very important sense. Besides cooling cutting surface, cooling fluid still can wash the cutting face of cutting tool, because won't be stuck on emery wheel of this for example,have stuff. Cooling fluid can produce the help in the inadvertently grinding of a large number of particle to control dust in such as. However, order the operation such as turning to such as sheet, dust is released inside limited section, the vacuum cleaner that can use installation to go up in the machine tool among them gathers dust conveniently. These operations will undertake with doing type, unless be put in the problem with workpiece or cutting tool calorific attrition. Pure water is the most commonly used treatment cooling fluid. If some machine tool wants to process composite material already, want to machine a metal again, so use add the water-solubility liquid that has 1~2% antirust. Must use water-solubility cooling fluid, because it won't resemble oil radical cooling fluid,produce negative effect to paint agglutinate in that way. (poriferous surface has has machined composite material part a large number of cooling fluid oil are OK hidden aperture. ) the cooling fluid that is based on oil or solution returns a likelihood to be permeated along exposed fiber infiltration, and they won't be mixed pure water evaporates euqally. Because cooling fluid is OK,the help includes dust, the cooling fluid that arises accordingly / dust mixture has the consistency like slop. Composite material dust is laziness, can digging pit bury. But, there cannot be overmuch water when bury. Company of Amalga composite material has the facility that can remove water from mixture, it is OK to remain the like clay material of digging pit bury. Labour is placed, what undertake to support need turning is machined is long and thin conduit, the likelihood needs to be in temporarily conduit installs what tighten with Yu Ga inside each end, compare the Kong Xiaoqian inside conduit to divide merely inch socket. Compare short conduit, the likelihood is operation of end panel of mere need car, bore or turning treatment, the steel lengthen that can install the chuck capture in lathe go up. Lengthen the toggle type clamping apparatus that go up controls workpiece reach the designated position, operation of enough big OK and contented treatment needs hold, attend a meeting not quite however make degree of spare parts metabolic. When undertaking holding clip to conduit through internal diameter, must take care, not internally the surface produces scratch. The means of settlement of this respect is very simple, add adhesive plaster of a conduit on the card claw of chuck only can. Compress modular casting spare parts and conduit photograph to compare, have higher arris form quality. Through piling up inside the mould compound of plank model casting heats next and they make the part. The labour clip method that these spare partses need commonly and the metallic spare parts that have similar geometry figure are identical. Pour wine cup, shoulder of high accuracy stage and one of CNC lathe that treatment pouring wine cup can be in a company are aspirant row. Another kind of means, amount of basis spare parts reachs tolerancepublic errand and decide, it is to use to be similar to special model milling machine but use electric machinery of 23000 R/min air to rotate the machine tool that triangle of integral hard alloy certains. The operation pouring wine cup on this equipment needs 1 minute about, and need 5 minutes on lathe. Turning, the company has a few lathe, include to river bend greatly (north blocks Luo Lai city of that city Charlotte) ) produce small-sized tilt workbench machine tool and a Toolmex (be located in hemp to visit Natick town) produce the large CNC lathe that drives power cutting tool. Toolmex lathe is used at processing long pipe already, also use at processing short pipe. To tubing spare parts, treatment operation includes end panel of turning diameter, grooving, car, bore hole and seam etc. No matter use what machine tool, the exterior rate that the company uses when turning is 300 feet about / minute. Most part uses diamond cutting tool to undertake turning. Process an operation to doing type, use system of efficient vacuum aspiration to restrict defilement. Although dust is nonexistent serious health is dangerous, but some operator need to wear protection glove and / or face guard. Milling, milling operation is commonly compress modular casting part and undertaking on conduit. Generally speaking, milling craft and marine what what use in brass is similar, need cutting tool acuteness among them and take before horn. To compressing modular casting part character, treatment speed and feed want 3 times faster (900 feet / minute) , what because material becomes dispenses staple,twine a spare parts is different. The fiber amount that reduces modular casting hardware is commonly 60% , and fiber is shorter (grow for 1 inch about) . Because this and fiber are on whole spare parts,the conduit photograph that twines continuously is compared, cut is easier. Tubing spare parts still has higher fiber content (70% ) , accordingly must cut more fiber. End panel mill is a commonly used operation in compressing modular casting part. Among them an example is the flange that installation carries a department in transmission shaft (refer to a photograph) . Mill of end panel of need of this spare parts is machined in order to ensure flatness, will be received by bolt because of it in reducer casing. Milling is to use Valenite firm (close hold city of the Madison Heights that bring a city) the end panel milling cutter that provides diamond bit is in vertical machining center (VMC) of aspirant travel. The company is having the other milling machine of much axis treatment in check now. The overall regulation of milling composite material is, the cutting tool that uses acuteness with higher main shaft rotate speed and inferior feed speed undertakes. Auger cut, bore is a process that middling of treatment of company pipeline spare parts uses, undertake on lathe already, also undertake on vertical machining center. For example, to the conduit part of pressure vessel, need clean Kong Yian to install the tube wall a replacement that is used at discharging condenser water or other fittings. Getting when wearing conduit ply, must prop up the wall of conduit, lest appear delamination, or fiber layer produces detached phenomenon. The tube wall that uses to install the ligneous or plastic plug inside conduit to supply a need temporarily commonly is propped up. Use diamond to set the pointed, cutting tool that takes polishing groove with high rotate speed (unapt arrive high make a person open-eyed) reach low feed speed to undertake operating can be acquisitioned optimal auger cut a result. Old since, the company has discovered, helix angle is spent for 10~50, clearance horn is spent for 9~20, the Bao Hengren broach that top part spends for 60~120 is discharging bits respect and control effect of calorific quantity side is the idealest. Like other data, auger cut speed to should undertake modulatory according to the dimension of aperture and deepness, generally speaking, kong Yue is big, broach rate should be lower, in order to maintain the feed with consistent cutting tool. Grinding, to major pipeline product, its internal diameter is more important than external diameter (accurate core club assures accurate internal diameter) . But, gyro wheel needs accurate external diameter however. Inadvertently grinder passed the Xinxinnadi of the company to transform and workpiece process capability 6 inches of ~22 from before inch increase to be able to machine large gyro wheel. The conduit that the diameter is more than 22 inches will be on large lathe grinding. Almost all conduit products are to use ordinary water to do cooling fluid, or to use silicon hard alloy or uses alumina emery wheel to be machined in the grinding on inadvertently grinder. Inadvertently grinding can assure external diameter precision not only, OK still and fast purify is many at the same time material. Every grinding is operated about take out 0.


025 inches material. The material amount of this more qualitative than grinding rolled steel purify is large, because composite material density is inferior, every are cut deep can taller. But, because fibre glass is the 1/10 of steel in radial toughness, because this meeting arises be out of shape certainly, this mean the external diameter of composite material conduit to cannot achieve likewise as tall as rolled steel precision. So how does dust do? Dr. DeLuca points out to there is two absurds view in composite material treatment, 1) can demolish a machine tool; 2) dust endangers operator. These two kinds of views do not hold water. Treatment composite material or the machine tool of any other data are cutting bits only nonsked the ability below the circumstance that clear can be destroyed. Do not pass or suggest to change often the filter in electronic ark (want every months and not be every half an year change) . The dust of the generation in composite material treatment is regarded to be a kind of rebarbative dust (if sawdust is same) . Although fibre glass can cause person itch, but the lung that fiber of its unlike asbestos can add a person. This is a problem that is used to contacting dust merely. Amalga company has one of machine tool operator, the cooling fluid that the aircraft processing factory of original to oneself before work uses has allergic reaction, right however now a bit problem also does not have composite material dust. CNC Milling