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Converse thinking is tackling key problem solution is difficult in use example

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Long-term manufacturing practice proved to tackle key problem solution is difficult in, use converse thinking to coach tackle key problem results is very much, the effect is very good. Cite a few example now: (Stainless steel of martensite of 1) converse cutting whorl results is in treatment workpiece pitch greatly 1.

25 reach 1.

When the whorl of inside and outside of 75mm, the pitch because of lathe silk lever by the purify of workpiece when, the numerical value of earning is an indivisible value. If use,raise the old law that retreats a knife to adding up to nut handle traditionally, inevitable generation is buckled in disorder, because this is when the whorl that machines this kind of pitch, what use normally is law of low speed suitable turning, because use high speed to carry,buckle have not enough time to retreat a knife, manufacturing efficiency is consequently low, extremely easy in turning generation gnaws a knife, create a large number of waste product. Wait for martensite stainless steel for 1Cr13, 2Cr13 in treatment material especially when, the phenomenon that gnaw a knife is more outstanding. Converse thinking creation is applied to come out in tackle key problem, converse outfit knife, converse take a knife, converse invert of cutting " 3 converse laws " integrated cutting law, can use high speed whorl, the athletic way of cutting tool is by left walk along a knife to quit work right, so the cutting tool when whorl of cutting of nonexistent high speed removes the disadvantage that does not come out, realized high grade higher primary school. Specific means is as follows: The vehicle is right when whorl, hind similar inside the lathe tool of whorl (see a picture 1) ; When the whorl inside the car, hind converse inside whorl lathe tool (see a picture 2) . Before treatment first the attrition that turn over an axis piece main shaft is moved slightly a few closer, invert in order to ensure the speed when starting. Adjust the position of good whorl lathe tool, add up to split nut, actuate is turning low speed takes undercut place when the knife, ding car goes to feed of whorl lathe tool to be cut suitably in, can hit invert, lathe tool falls in high speed by left right cutting, after counting a knife according to this method cutting, can machine the high grade whorl with an exterior low surface roughness to come. (2) is swimming in exercising an activity, apply the principle of converse thinking; Innovation goes new " converse You Jin " , new You Zi is in 2 hours but the You Jin of middle distance 2100 meters, this is before from without had seen, also do not have those who had heard of " miracle " . Pass the innovation of practice, exercised an activity to enhance to have economic value very much to swim " the new posture of converse You Jin " . (double foot floats in surface to need not be moved, the movement of complete armrest arm makes the whole body swim into to crural direction) the characteristic is as follows: ① can be in have 0 only.

Successful ground swims into in the shallow water of 36; I do not prevent ② to be bound to go up by aquatic in converse in assist Xi Taihu Youjin, be in surely many aquatic lake face swims into; I am in ③ area of the bend of a river of Yellow River of county of silver-colored summer halfback, undertake converse You Jin, can swim smoothly in race decharge into surely, prevented the collision of head and stone, because of the reason that the foot when converse You Jin swims ahead; ④ is in converse Youjin, the behavioral ability that can fly an arm only swims into, exercised thought volition again in the staying power that exercises two tactics arm; The converse You Jinxin of ⑤ my innovation appearance, strengthened interest, aroused the curiosity of very much You You again, to groom more You You founded new meritorious service. (3) is erect in deep water, hands or feet need not be moved completely, the innovation that still uses a few natant activities did not introduce in detail. Introduce through afore-mentioned innovation achievement, say palpability is in actual society, the beard that existing to be able to innovate more everywhere is begged, want effort study to concern the integrated knowledge that creates a project only. In practice, much beat one's brains, start work more, perserve, everybody becomes innovatory expert more, for the construction of the motherland great undertaking makes contribution more. CNC Milling