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Technology of laser beam machining makes medium application in agricultural machinery

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The summary introduced the basic idea of technology of a few kinds of laser and applied principle, analysed this technology to make medium application in agricultural machinery. Put forward technology of laser beam machining to make moderate application prospect in agriculture machinery. Technology of laser beam machining of overview of technology of 1 laser beam machining is a kind of height flexible the advanced processing technique that changes with intelligence, it is compositive the achievement of modern science and technology such as CAD technology, numerical control technology, laser technology and material technology, the technology involves range wide. Technology of laser beam machining is to point to all sorts of stimulate beam of light to be a method with high-energy density, wait for action through stimulating the physics between beam of light and material and chemistry. Implementation changes the advanced material processing technique of corporeal configuration or property. Laser beam machining involves laser physics, material, electron, machinery and project to conduct heat wait for much door course, integrated laser, make, the multinomial technology such as control and computer application, already made the advanced production technology of much discipline across and a kind of model with many integrated technology. Laser beam machining has blame contact, free from contamination, heat to affect area precision of small, treatment is tall and the characteristic such as Ding electorate treatment, and be other below specific treatment situation production method cannot replace. Accordingly, technology of laser beam machining received important and wide application in a lot of industries. As a result of its distinctive function gets applied extensively in agricultural domain. In lure change breeding, enhance seminal vigor, promote grow development, raise soil preparation of crop and character, flat, raise section water to irrigate the respect such as plant diseases and insect pests of ability, prevention and cure is being developed heavier and heavier appoint action. Technology of 2 laser beam machining makes medium application in agriculture machinery 21 centuries are a knowledge that is pillar with the high-tech such as information, biology economic times. Our country agriculture accelerates modern process only, ability is in international competition remain invincible. Development is modern agriculture is little not the support of agricultural machinery, production technology makes its main component. The complexity of the characteristic that current agriculture machinery applies as a result of its oneself and working object, especially the design process instrumentation of agriculture machinery production industry is more backward. Make its innovation little, new product development cycle is long, cost is high, production quality is coarser, product life is opposite shorter. To improve the production technology of agriculture machinery energetically. Develop with parallel of other and mechanical manufacturing industry, must increase the advanced production technology such as laser to create medium applied strength in agriculture. Raise agriculture machinery to make the standard of modern production technology of the enterprise. 2.

1 laser shapes quickly the technology makes medium application shape quickly in agriculture machinery the technology produces model quickly according to CAD model directly namely or the technical floorboard of the spare parts. It is compositive the achievement of modern science and technology such as CAD technology, numerical control technology, laser technology and material technology, it is advanced the main component of production technology. Its principle: The product is three-dimensional CAD model one statified the plane geometry information after disperse presses disperse chases a layer to machine lifetime of accumulation raw material to become hypostatic model. It can according to CAD model (electronic model) the archetypal or direct production part that has melt into of design thought content accurately particular function, almost aleatoric and complex component is made below the condition of different pattern and tool, solved arrive from the design problem of production fast butt joint. Accordingly, this technology can undertake be evaluatinged quickly reaching modification to products plan, shortened effectively the research and development of the product is periodic. Reduced development cost. Satisfied the demand that the market with current increasingly intense competition is developed quickly to new product and creates quickly, increased the integrated competition capacity of the market competition ability of the product and enterprise. Among them, laser electorate agglomeration is to shape quickly one of main technique in making. This kind of production method is had shape speed fast, precision although processing of good, postposition is mixed simply,tall, surface pledges the characteristic waits when the province, it is a technology that has vitality, the development that is production technology created a kind of new method. Agricultural machinery produces a process to have specialty. The spare parts has more complex figure more. If primary tillage equipment, scarification equipment and results are mechanical,wait. In addition, complex curved surface is more. If chance of plough body curved surface, rotary tillage comes back,impeller of knife, water pump is mixed send makings helix to wait. And according to specific production the circumstance differs, its appearance still needs to be adjusted accordingly. Accordingly, the machining method that uses a convention manufactures part of this kind of agriculture machinery. Develop development time to grow not only. Treatment technology is sophisticated, and the effect of very inaccessible ideal. Apply advanced laser to shape quickly compositive technology. Shorten greatly not only the development cycle of new product, reduce development cost, and production quality also excel tradition produces a method. 2.

Aggrandizement of 2 laser surface and heat treatment technology make aggrandizement of medium applied laser surface and heat treatment technology in agriculture machinery is a kind of new-style material finishing technology. The principle of technology of laser surface aggrandizement is to use laser the characteristic with penetrable extremely strong capability, should heat metallic surface only when the critical transition temperature under melting point. Rapid austenite changes its face, next quickness from Leng Cuihuo, metallic face is fast by aggrandizement. Laser heat treatment is the development of technology of conventional heat treatment and complement, it can solve other finishing method inextricability or bad to solve material aggrandizement is the same as a problem. After be being handled through laser, can raise its to fight wear away, fight fatigue, anti-corrosive wait for function with antirust. Prolong its service life. Anyhow, laser surface technology is integrated to improving the appearance of component mechanical physics function, improve the function of the product, service life, the competitive ability that enhances a product is having crucial effect. Bedding face of agricultural machinery quantity is wide, phyletic and various. The loss that because the surface is destroyed,brings every year with invalidation is very huge. The data makes clear, the invalidation of agriculture machinery product is destroyed, having 60 % about is by spare parts surface corrode and wear away those who cause. Be like a lot of cultivation, component that sow and harvest machinery, contact with soil directly, its are corroded and wear away quite serious, bring about breakdown grow in quantity, productivity to drop, exercise cost rises apparently. Agricultural the air cylinder in motivation, valve, crankshaft. Drop because of wear away and corroding regular meeting to bring about power, pollution increases. All sorts of agricultural pump, fan and lamina wear away in the surface hind, character of service drops, life is reduced. Accordingly, popularize advanced, practical surface technology energetically in agriculture machinery industry. Can raise component significantly fight caustic of oxidation, anti-corrosive, wear-resisting and fatigue resistance can, can the service life that utmost ground prolongs Agricultural Machinery and Implement; To the product that already damaged, use exterior rehabilitate technology, can save fund greatly, economic benefits is very remarkable. In addition, technology of laser heat treatment makes industry application in agricultural machinery very extensive, go up in a lot of crucial parts (wait like cylinder body, cylinder bushing, crankshaft, camshaft, exhaust valve, valve base or piston annulus) can use laser heat treatment almost. In agricultural production, the working requirement of the machine is varied, some machines (plow, intertill machine, drill and mower) work in abrasive medium directly, make a lot of spare partses wear away very fast. On the other hand, to gain enough strength, the material dosage of the machine is bigger, waste material not only, and appear cumbersome. To this kind of spare parts, the hardness after laser sclerosis is handled quenchs than convention hardness is tall 5 % - 20 % , laser alloy is changed can join new material according to asking to choose, form the new alloy layer that is a foundation with base material, in order to acquire satisfactory property. In addition, as a result of the function after processing rise, can choose the base material of low function, reduced the quality of base material thereby. 2.

The applied laser technology in rehabilitate of agriculture machinery spare parts is in 3 laser technology basically is technology of Fu of applied laser frit in rehabilitate of agriculture machinery spare parts. Technology of laser frit Fu is a kind of new-style exterior modified technology, it is to show with be being added differently stuff kind is in by frit Fu matrix apparently place the irradiation of laser of coating material classics that is chosen to make surface of the sum matrix one layer fuses at the same time, fast and caky hind form dilute to spend extremely low, become the exterior coating that metallurgy combines with matrix, the wear-resisting that improves basic level appearance significantly, be able to bear or endure the corrode, heat-resisting, technique that fights oxidation and electric character, achieve the goal of exterior modified or rehabilitate thereby, satisfied the requirement of specific to material surface function already, managing many precious element. With v, spray, eletroplate and gas phase deposit is compared, laser frit Fu has dilute to spend small, organization compact, coating and matrix union are good, fit frit Fu stuff much, granuality and content change to wait for a characteristic greatly. Accordingly, the wear-resisting that technology of laser frit Fu can improve material appearance and be able to bear or endure the function such as corrode, basically use at the rehabilitate after the spare parts wears away and the performance that enhance new production part. To important part (the) such as the steam cylinder bushing in be like agriculture machinery and piston, because Ding Zunliang is big, high temperature, high pressure, erode and the attrition of different level, its wear extent is very big, the spare parts needs to discard as useless regularly and change. Fetters to primary tillage equipment, scarification equipment and mower (if plow, intertill machine, drill and mower) , the local damage when exercise is very fast, because damage locally,the spare parts discards as useless is. To improve the service life of the spare parts, repair work is having huge sense. Laser beam machining has the distinct advantage of electorate action, and laser frit Fu is OK conveniently repair wears away place, make the spare parts does not discard as useless because of local attaint, improved the dependability of the spare parts and service life, in devoted charge the least state of affairs falls to achieve much better performance demand afresh. In addition, have repair to the mould with laser, can improve the life of the mould greatly, do not accept the restriction of appearance and dimension again, in making, also should be popularized energetically and use in agriculture machinery. Technology of 3 laser beam machining makes current situation of the application in building and prospect in agriculture machinery (1) technology of laser beam machining makes medium application be in our country in agriculture machinery still unpopular, advocate if this industry is right,the application of laser technology still exists the secret touch of different level and bias. Additional, insufficient also to the conduct propaganda of laser technology, devoid practice. Accordingly, agriculture machinery enterprise should introduce the mature scientific research achievement in absorbing industry to produce as soon as possible, what in using good industry, already built is muti_function center of laser beam machining, make its serve for more agriculture machinery enterprises. (Of technology of 2) laser beam machining introduce what can promote agriculture machinery substantially to make a standard. But the use of the choice to processing a type and laser, want to be made from the foundation, below the circumstance that mastering method of this kind of advanced treatment adequately only, ability improves conventional technology better, produce the advantage of new technology. Technology of laser beam machining is compositive the achievement of modern science and technology such as CAD technology, numerical control technology, laser technology and material technology, the technology involves range wide. Accordingly, agriculture machinery enterprise is in on when laser makes an item, must analyse enterprise oneself condition and demand, to other machine the enterprise seeks advice, be certain direction, find combinative place, successive ground undertakes. (3) in recent years, the production technology of high-power laser and auxiliary equipment rises increasingly, its foundation theory and manufacturing technology are increasingly mature, with other treatment equipment photograph is compared, the price of high-power laser also is not very high. Accordingly, technology of laser beam machining made medium application have certain exterior requirement in agricultural machinery. Additional, as the rapid development of agricultural industrialization, agriculture makes the actual strength of the enterprise increase apparently, taller and taller to the requirement of product quality, medium application was made offer in-house motive force and condition in agricultural machinery for technology of laser beam machining. Accordingly, at present technology of laser beam machining made medium application have a requirement in agricultural machinery. From the point of domain of agriculture machinery application, shape quickly, the main content that frit Fu and heat treatment are application of technology of laser beam machining. CNC Milling