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5 axes of FEELER U600 are machined machine

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Friendly beautiful pursues the research of new and high product ceaselessly, rolled out new-style U-600 of opportunity of 5 axes treatment, be opposite only market of complex, tall nicety, tall rigid treatment. U600 is type of a 3+2 (the opportunity of 5 axes treatment of X/Y/Z+A/C) , 3 gross ril load of X/Y/Z fold a design, a/C adopts cradle type structure. Machine ideal design with 5 axes, through rotate the function achieves short distance to process great work, diameter of the greatest work amounts to 600mm. Achieved size range of pipe bent the optimization to covering an area of a space. Friendly beautiful uses software of advanced finite ultimate analysis, make overall tigidity and mode analysis, ensure machinery is achieved optimize structural tigidity, optimize sexual price to compare, ensure mechanical precision and reliability. Type of an organic whole of pillar of U600 distinctive base is designed, promote structural tigidity and treatment accuracy considerably, decrease effectively accumulate an error. Structural cast collects box structure to reach optimize span design, promote overall tigidity and stability considerably. Structure of low throat depth is configured, create structure of stabler machine stage, reduce heat to change reach generation of cutting moment of force to curve metabolic likelihood. Hold accuse an area to be in pillar base flank, the person that machine is easier, watch cutting tool and treatment process clearly. The person that special shield design makes machine more approach work mesa, change more easily workpiece of cutting tool, installation. Design carrying a cover on the head has telescopic the cover that prevent bits, can make great work already assemble and unassemble, can prevent cutting oily mist again outside ejective machine. In addition, double fan door is designed, can offer the person that use bilateral observation and operation controller. Machine stage covers an area of an area small. CNC Milling