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Be based on the fast patternmaking craft that follows form technology to optimize software to consider

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Foreword is fast patternmaking is one kind is based on fast figuration (RP) technology is fast the mould produces a method. It can be divided mix for direct on RP system patternmaking use RP prototype indirect patternmaking 2 kinds of methods, indirect patternmaking can make silicon balata model, epoxy resin model wait. Balata of high grade silicon and epoxy resin are quite expensive stuff at present, put forward a kind to be able to reduce indirect patternmaking material use up significantly here, rise statified and hypostatic make (LOM) treatment is archetypal of a speed optimize a method. Use LOM prototype along with form technology thought when soft model of balata of the silicon that make, traditional patternmaking method is LOM prototype put in directly relatively regular model in antrum, in material of this both patternmaking of intermediate part fill. Irregular to the appearance prototype with frivolous case prototype, use method of this kind of patternmaking to be able to create the great waste that charges profile stuff. If model antrum is a basis RP is archetypal periphery appearance is custom-built and those who become, so final place fills profile makings to be able to decrease with what arrive, fill model cost will be reduced substantially. Put forward: of a kind of train of thought from this? Equipment of P of Man of banter A Chinese-style unlined garment machines RP prototype while, make those who give to be covered suitably to it model antrum, the clearance with having certain between sky antrum and RP prototype so that fill patternmaking material, to frivolous case archetypal perhaps in the circumstance of existence large hole, be in the LOM that make is archetypal when, in prototype cavity part does to follow form stuff contractibly piece, fill piece not with prototype contact, and have certain space, in fill model when will in the hole that fill piece puts correspondence. Fill profile makings to will decrease substantially so, can save costly silicon balata, and follow the casing outside form and stuff as a result of what add piece be with prototype machine at the same time on LOM equipment as a whole, won't raise additional production cost not only, as a result of,meet instead outside casing is mixed fill piece does not need to differentiate reseau, can reduce the time that reseau differentiates in LOM significantly, rose to machine speed, and reduced the loss of laser. Will sectional the sectional outline annulus that go up make slant appropriately buy, slant inside core, slant outside outer shroud and will slant buy annulus is added in sectional outline, next eliminate hands in annulus to get be mixinged along with the casing outside form follow form stuff thereby oneself piece, it is statified one kind when entity makes follows form method, this kind of method is OK full automatic generate along with the casing outside form, but if make an appearance a little a bit more complex, generate automatically along with outline of the casing outside form very will complex, the influence machines speed, and LOM is archetypal will special take hard. Because this uses technology of CAD of a kind of seesaw pattern,the design follows the casing outside form and stuff piece the method will solve this problem. Following HRPCAD of technology of key of form CAD software is the HRP series that university of Hua Zhongke ability rolls out fast figuration software follows the casing outside form and stuff mediumly piece design special software, it inputs STL hypostatic model, the appearance that makes be aimed at this model with interactive means next chooses optimal treatment way, input with the mouse by the knowledge that operates personnel him basis and experience again next the most appropriate reach fill piece along with the casing outside form roughly outline, draft its automatically to add up to light to arrange by computer software again, the casing outside outputting conformity and fill piece final STL model. HRPCAD uses VisualC++ platform development, 3D graph interface (the operation such as the collect that includes three-dimensional model to show side of the line that reach a point) use OpenGL technology implementation, interactive process basically uses duty catenary mode and order pattern implementation. Of the casing outside be being generated along with the casing outside form each parameter that building a course is the casing outside deciding above all (outside of casing unplug model rake, pour the) such as horny radius, machine direction certainly and alternate into travel model, the appearance of the casing outside be being inputted next, triangle of the juniorest travel differentiates model of the casing outside generating. In the casing outside defining when, the growth that decides prototype above all direction, namely the spare parts growth when LOM figuration direction, go up in this direction next the casing outside fill. The method that HRPCAD uses is choose to fixed a plane at 3 o'clock on hypostatic model above all, serve as strange long way to vector with this planar law. For convenient user the definition follows the outline inside the casing outside form, HRPCAD uses algorithm of fault tolerance section to obtain the section outline of hypostatic model above all, automatic extraction gives its periphery rough sketch, radius of reuse laser facula compensates algorithm to buy slants outside undertaking and be arranged solely to its change, obtain reference thereby along with form outline. The user can move the way that the feature chooses to undertake modification through pulling on its foundation, the outline inside the casing outside also can be being redesigned according to experience proper motion. Again according to appoint parameter to slant this outline annulus upcountry next surfaces form after the distance with proper place inside outline annulus. After having end panel and side trigonometry reseau differentiates finally, formed along with the casing outside form. Trigonometry reseau differentiates the direction that the basic course that trigonometry differentiates is the outline annulus that judges scale above all, if be suitable hour hand changeless, turn into its otherwise suitable hour hand, outer shroud and core distance the closest dot K1 and K2 are linked together form two-way edge Edge(K1, k2) and Edge(K2, k1) makes its become an outer shroud, undertake this outer shroud trigonometry reseau differentiates next can. The formation that planar triangle reseau changes is algorithmic have a variety of, a better kind of Delaunay triangle analyse that is the area having a group that uses plane to go up divides a law to form triangular reseau. Algorithm of law of branch of Delaunay triangle analyse can be mixed to protruding region sunken region undertakes triangular reseau is changed automatically, have triangular result only, program to be mixed simply the advantage with moving reliable stability, be opposite effectively given area having a group undertakes triangular reseau is changed. In applying actually, can you also use the triangular reseau that is based on corner law to change algorithmic: ? Brave casts I of  bowstring bad Zuo sets out, after before at 2 o'clock Ti-1, ti+1 forms edge vector TiTi+1 and TiTi-1, calculate and find from beginning to end the acme that 2 edges included angle is less than 180 ° , and will before, hind formed a triangle with this bits at 2 o'clock, judge whether PiPi-1Pi-2 of ∠ PiPi-1Pi+1 ≥ or Pi+2Pi+1Pi of ∠ Pi-1Pi+1Pi ≥ , except, output a triangle and expunge this acme, find next contented from beginning to end again the apical; that 2 edges included angle is less than 180 ° if, move below node. Repeat afore-mentioned processes, end till apical processing. Because follow the inside face of the casing outside form to need to have certain rake, go up of the surface inside outline annulus and the deflection value with issue outline annulus of the surface to have fair, although annulus of these 2 outline is very similar, but a number that fluctuation surface orders on medium core is different much, cannot rise corresponding dot with triangular join directly so. HRPCAD uses the shortest diagonal way to come trigonometry changes side, the place that the biggest included angle has on annulus of the outline on the choice above all regards join as start, find the as closest as this bits dot to serve as initial margin in next outline annulus, next according to the triangle the shortest rule finds next name a person for a particular job they form a triangle. From the definition fill piece is generated along with form fill piece basically be fill prototype in the place that has hole, so the requirement makes LOM prototype hind fill piece can be taken very easily, and should save silicon balata as far as possible, above is restricted 2 times each other. Want to be taken out easily, need to follow the stuff of form piece should as far as possible outside big inside small, generate piece as far as possible simple. Want to save silicon balata as far as possible, body approachs a part as far as possible and agree what generate with appearance of spare parts cavity from the definition. Have in general CAD software rotate and lofting formative function, rotate the stuff that the method makes piece the condition that can not satisfy some inclined hole certainly, the stuff that the method of lofting makes piece unwarrantable outside big inside small. HRPCAD system combines a future life of method of these 2 kinds of modelling to become fill piece, the method that the user needs to use alternant formula fixes the base plane of fill piece, advocate the information such as outline annulus, generatrix and central axes, undertake by software trigonometry reseau differentiates next build fill piece model. Show irregular model to be like graph A place, use HRPCAD software can give what show like graph B place to be mixed along with the casing outside form in the design inside 5min define fill piece oneself, can generate STL model file to deliver to HRP system software to undertake machining next. (The STL model with irregular A) (B) follows casing of the model outside form and stuff piece last word of graph HRP-CAD give typical examples uses what should optimize a technology to reduce costly silicon balata substantially not only to use up, and because follow,the casing outside form is mixed differentiate from what defined fill piece to reduce LOM reseau, effective treatment rate can rise 10% the left and right sides, in addition it simplified of LOM flotsam come off the job, mix along with the casing outside form fill piece is OK very conveniently one-time take out, the model that shows like graph 1a place is machined according to groovy means, flotsam needs 2h ability to finish commonly come off the job, and use this software to optimize after making, come off time can shorten in 1h less than. CNC Milling