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CoroMill 360: Strong cutting tool

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Core clew: How does the challenge improve the manufacturing efficiency of heavy-duty face mill. Solution: Use efficient purify is many new idea cutting tool of the metal. Operation of mill of rough machining face can be divided for different type, use the 45 degrees of common milling cutter, milling cutter of round even razor blade commonly, can complete this work well. But have treatment of a kind of milling, work is very great, metallic surface is uneven, when when need first consideration efficiency is machined with stability, be about to use truly solid milling cutter. What cutting tool of mill of face of new-style CoroMill 360 has heavy-duty milling place needs is classical 60 degrees of tool cutting edge angle, have cutting depth ability of feed of big, high speed surface roughness of good, surface is reasonable wait for a characteristic with cutting equilibrium. Bit installation is on knife clip, knife clip and cutter hub join with toothed structure, can undertake bit dislocation quickly easily on the machine tool thereby. Do not need to adjust cutting tool so, the knife clip that can change can prevent cutter hub to wear away and be damaged. Because its axial cutting deepness is big, this is very important to improving manufacturing efficiency, because of primary feed can purify chunk metal, sometimes inhomogenous metal also can be in primary feed purify. The small effect cutting bits of 60 degrees of tool cutting edge angle can realize tall feed, shorten thereby handling time. Use relative to bigger tool cutting edge angle, also can let bit enter a metal at the same time with very wide parallel range, and the loss of cutting deepness is the smallest, can produce better exterior quality so, and do not need to install Xiu Guangren razor blade on cutting tool. Of axial and radial cutting force advantageous another characteristic that distributinging is 60 degrees of tool cutting edge angle, provided good stability, assured the security of this kind of heavy-duty treatment thereby. The cutter hub of CoroMill 360 and razor blade have ability of tall metal purify and low power to use up, still have very good flexibility and the character that do easily at the same time. It uses two kinds of bit, can offer respectively most 13 millimeter and the cutting deepness of 18 millimeter. Conclusion has heavy-duty face mill to most material, coroMill360 has the tremendous latent capacity that improves treatment performance. A main good point is its reliable efficient cutting ability, want primary feed only to any treatment, and do not need twice. Another advantage is low power is used up. In addition it still has higher feed rate, this is meant faster yield time. Below most abominable operating mode, it is used simple, do easily, need not adjust cutting tool, reduced machine down time. CNC Milling