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Machining center of high speed of HSC 55 Linear

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Use brand-new the establish of HSC 55 Linear of machining center of high speed nicety that designs a concept to design development of precision of dynamic function, flexibility, dimension and exterior quality brand-new standard. Lathe bed has extremely tall tigidity and structure of hot symmetrical balance, mark deserves to have main shaft of 28 000r/min high speed, all axes use direct drive technology entirely, acceleration is amounted to 2g and move quickly speed amounts to 80m/min. Because tigidity is tall,the account that chooses 28 000r/min main shaft is, can reduce the vibration in treatment not only, improve exterior quality, prolong cutting tool service life, and make sure taller material purify is led. This type offers 2 version: The 3 axes structure that takes rigid workbench or take circumgyrate to place the 5 axes structure that changes workbench, x, Y and limits of Z axis journey are 400mm of × of 600mm of × of 400mm of × of 450mm × 580mm, 450mm respectively. The circumgyrate of 5 axes type places two rods that use workbench (A, C) also introduce direct drive or drive of torsion electric machinery respectively. C axis swings or circumgyrate limits is 360 ° , a axis turns limits is + 10 ° ~ - 100 ° , two axes rotate speed is as high as 120r/min. To ensure during treatment hefts 200kg workpiece, the machine tool has enough stability, workbench takes clip of system of hydraulic pressure clamp to hold oneself for the machine tool of 2 000Nm by torque. CNC Milling