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Those who pass pair of data choose, equipment mould is the design of special construction and requirement, strict technology control, perfect detect the technical element such as method and method undertakes be analyticed in the round controlling, make PE-RT ground warms tubal material achieves the goal that high speed produces already, the product quality that makes provide material again is accorded with completely use ask with the standard. In recent years, PE-RT ground warms tubal material makes dosage grows quickly, confront financial crisis its increased 100-200% 2009. To get used to the need that field high speed increases, the company can raise equipment to walk along denotative type expanded reproduction; Also can go inside the expanded reproduction that extend pattern, do not add equipment, use the method that raises labor to manufacture efficiency, raise the manufacturing Jin rate that pushs an installation to raise the yield of unit time namely. The article will discuss the technical control that how has manufacturing a course, improve manufacturing efficiency. The control that model turns above all, we see PE-RT provide the picture of treatment technological process of material: PE-RT grain raw material is under Tg vitrification molecular catenary paragraph cannot swing, in Duan Ke of catenary of above of Tg vitrification temperature with swing, but the active force between element of the You Wugao below normal temperature namely Fan Dehua force and hydrogenous key, like making hemp resembling chaos is pestered each other between the element. By Wu Gao the element does not have complete freedom, cannot open a member in the oneself below normal temperature namely between pester each other, make between grain and grain reset. Through technological process the plan sees not hard, the colophony raw material that wants state of grain of will ecru PE-RT turns a canal into material, the joint action that needs the conditional generation such as equipment, mould, temperature will finish the each other frit between grain, make become successive integral appearance by dispersive individual photograph. If do not have temperature, grain expects the course is again old cut with compress also cannot turn a canal into material, if was not compressed, shearing force, although temperature can fuse raw material very high, but the attains ideal model that the high temperature division that produces through high speed inside shorter time also cannot press real stock completely to make is changed. So, be in charge of material model to change is to rely on temperature, compress, cut, retention period will be finished jointly. So the advanced degree of equipment mould, accuracy that controls an apparatus, reasonable craft parameter is to make sure high speed produces PE-RT to provide the fundamental condition of material product quality. The relation control of temperature control and crop, quality can see from graph of the following coordinate, temperature of treatment of Ⅰ PE-RT raw material is between 180-210 ℃ yield is top, Ⅱ raw material is between 185-225 ℃ yield is top. If temperature is inferior,be in when high speed production, model is changed bad, exterior tubal material does not have brightness glossily or appear fuse-element is broken; When temperature is too high, export pattern is too soft, surface tubal material appears easily small mark grain. Fluctuant limits is in temperature fluctuation deviation when 5 ℃ , the product is relatively stable, when temperature fluctuation deviation exceeds 10 ℃ , the liquidity that spends more expensive stuff by Wu Wen is better, material is provided below the circumstance with changeless drawing opposite thickening, temperature jumps over the fluidity of low stuff to jump over difference, in drawing material of the canal below changeless circumstance attenuates relatively. Warm by Wu De tubal material is coil, 200-300 rice a bunch, intermediate canal material has deviation to discover not easily, can have quality hidden trouble, the choice is so advanced lukewarm charging system and strict precision control is product quality is important assure. Material function and the relation that machine crop, quality ask according to the standard: When the tubal material of different material does quiet hydraulic pressure to experiment, revulsive annulus stress is as follows: Ⅰ PE-RT is in charge of material and PE-Xa canal material to basically distinguish is: PE-RT is in charge of material to be not cross-linking, flexibility is better, manufacturing rate is rapid, can heat up fusion welding to receive, but use occurrence inflection point of the meeting below the condition in constant high temperature and pressure for a long time, namely function drops quickly, because 12-12 is used when use temperature is 60 ℃ .

Occurrence inflection point of 5 years of after general, use when use temperature is 70 ℃ 5.

Occurrence inflection point of 5 years of after general, use when use temperature is 80 ℃ 2.

Occurrence inflection point of 5 years of after general, occurrence inflection point of 9900 hours of after general is used when use temperature is 90 ℃ , because this suggests,optimal and long-term use temperature is 50-60 ℃ between. And PE-Xa canal material provides material for cross-linking, once cross-linking after cannot fuse,dissolve, reason cannot solder, flexibility compares PE-RT all but, but do not affect use, manufacturing rate is slow, use for a long time fall in constant high temperature and pressure, function won't drop quickly, because this does not have inflection point. The meaning that does not have inflection point is product function ageing very slow, life is longer, because this suggests,optimal and long-term ideal use temperature is 60-70 ℃ between. Hypothesis PE-RT and ply of PE-X canal material are identical with DN20*2.

0mm is exemple, material of Ⅰ PE-RT canal is 110 ℃ in experiment condition / below circumstance of 8760 hours: Hit controlling pressure should be 0.

422Mpa, PE-X is in charge of material to be below similar test condition: Hit controlling pressure is 0.

6Mpa, by have actor drawback each at PE-RT and PE-X canal material, provide the strength of material to raise PE-RT, prolong service life, made immediateness runs the mass strength of material and service life at PE-X, because this abroad enterprise developed raw material of the Ⅱ that does not have inflection point PE-RT, the distinction tubal material that raw material of it and Ⅰ PE-RT produces is as follows: 1.

Manufacturing rate is same, namely crop is same, crop of the Ⅱ of individual abroad enterprise makings slightly some lower. 2.

Heat-resisting temperature compares PE-RT (Ⅰ ) raise 10 ℃ , compare namely current LG, SK, big forest, the temperature of heat-resisting tubal material that the Ⅰ of Basel raw material machines raises 10 ℃ . 3.

Service life is lengthened, long-term high temperature resistant inflection point is not had like function and PE-Xa canal material. 4.

Than Ⅰ PE-RT intensity of compression tubal material raises 3-5% . 5.

Breach impact strength compares Ⅰ model raise 5 times. 6.

Normal temperature condition lays a test, Ⅰ PE-RT is in charge of material to be close to the compression strength that provides material at PE80 class, Ⅱ PE-RT is in charge of material to be close to the compression strength that provides material at PE100 class. Nextpage7.

Shao hardness is taller than Ⅰ PE-RT 20% , proportion is high 0.


1g/cm3. The tubal material that Ⅱ PE-RT raw material produces has than Ⅰ PE-RT higher intensity and be able to bear or endure temperature function and longer service life, allegedly main reason is Ⅱ PE-RT raw material added man-hour to raise an element to measure, use Shuang Feng or multimodal, by Ⅰ model ethylene - Xin Xi copolymer turns into Ⅱ ethylene - butene copolymer. When high speed is produced, by the difference that Wu Cai expects, processability can have clear distinction, because this must adjust craft, change or seek appropriate mould drawing proportion, some Ⅱ makings machines temperature to want to compare ℃ of Ⅰ tall 5-15, if do not adjust temperature, by flow at fuse-element of some Ⅱ makings rate is inferior, return below the temperature condition of Ⅰ makings cannot sufficient model is changed, occurrence surface is lacklustre degree, yield is low, through adjusting with improve a mould, crop achieves the yield of Ⅰ makings, but some Ⅱ do not need to adjust temperature to be able to achieve Ⅰ model crop. Because this controls the quality of raw material strictly,also be those who make sure high speed produces PE-RT to run material quality and service life is important assure. If the relation control of equipment and crop, quality produces PE-RT to provide material with common PE equipment, linear velocity is in commonly 6-15 rice / minute, if use high speed product line, linear velocity can achieve 20-30 rice / minute, the comparison that produces equipment and facilities of high speed production through common low speed below will analyse choice device. 1, if precision of machine canister screw compares difference, when the basis lukewarm equivalent consideration, if have,stop in not smooth place content conglutinate, time grew to wait at raise temperature greatly, serial production time grew to can degradation perhaps decomposes content to appear, surface tubal material can have the small macula of discontinuity, affect product quality, because this must choose advanced precision,higher equipment is produced. 2, high speed product line and low speed product line, by Wu Luo staff is growing the respect such as diameter comparing, compression ratio, shearing force, fused area to have certain difference, because of product line of this high speed although manufacturing rate is very rapid, but not be sheet relies on to raise temperature to solve model to change. If opposite treatment temperature is not very tall, and manufacturing rate very fast, the time that stock keeps in equipment very short, at the same time model is changed idealer, such hot ageing impacts to stock are very little, the service life of the product can be lengthened. Screw of low speed product line grows diameter comparing, compression ratio, shearing force, fused area not ideal, need raises temperature very high the requirement that will achieve good model to change contented high speed to produce, otherwise can slow fast production, stock can lengthen in the retention period in equipment, every machine raw material to be able to have the hot ageing of different level, it is adverse to the extension of product service life, because product line of this high speed must be chosen,grow diameter comparing, compression ratio, shearing force, model to turn better equipment. The action of the relation control mould of mould and crop, quality is further help model is changed, have nose of formula of La Shi, screw type, support; Form compress, make stock more close-grained, increase product strength; Form material of hot semifinished product canal; The ply base that controls tubal ability, can adjust deviation what make. Immediate impact goes to the precision of the mould to whether have stop content conglutinate, time grew to appear macula or black line. The compression of the mould the effect is affected directly push a rate, if reduce the effect bad, it is crop low, manufacturing rate became rapid the face is not nice; 2 it is a product not close-grained, intensity is low, performance is poor. Of buccal model and core club spend the exterior quality that affects capable person of hot semifinished product canal directly glossily, if have apparent mark grain, tubal material passes the use of long-term high temperature and pressure, can cause from nick place blow up dot, affect product service life. Refrigeration finalizes the design method and control polyolefin are in charge of material refrigeration to finalize the design the method has the following kinds commonly: 1, vacuum decides way way: Vacuum decides way way is stock course report heats, the model that makes through equipment and mould temperature, retention period is changed, crowded piece model base enters calm diameter to cover, in vacuum box set 0.


The negative pressure of 06MPa, material of heat base canal enters calm diameter to cover (calm diameter is covered set vacuum chamfer or aperture) , by negative pressure adsorption above, form the tubal capable person that covers same circle with calm diameter, pass refrigeration and shape. Vacuum decides diameter place to be covered with calm diameter can divide it is a type and common type, piece calm diameter covers type to distribute type of the shade that it is water and water annulus form again, calm diameter covers a design reasonable arrive with applicable and immediate impact product quality. Be like dot of exterior nick, hemp, crackle, also affect manufacturing efficiency directly. 2, controlling the standard that decide way: Stock classics mould is crowded shape base, enter calm diameter to cover directly, calm diameter is covered with buccal model secure together, with in compressing air to provide material through be being entered among modular core, huff of hot semifinished product makings, clingy calm diameter is covered, shape through refrigeration make tubal material. This kind of method can avoid the problem such as dot of hemp of nick, crackle, water, but bad observation is adjusted when treatment, once flat conference appears a lot of flotsam. 3, wind cold figuration and water-cooling figuration: Exterior of wind cold figuration won't appear water hemp dot, the exterior is very bright, but do not suit high speed to produce, and cost is higher also, water-cooling shapes cost is low, rate of cooling effect good birth is rapid, if cooling water size was not adjusted good, the influence such as dot of meeting occurrence crackle, hemp, nick produces character to measure. The relation control basis of drawing, expansion ratio and crop quality is factual circumstance, it is when drawing ratio, expansion ratio 0.


0 when, you Wusheng produces rate fast, PE-RT fuse-element is softer, crop is inferior, it is when drawing expansion ratio 1.


6 between when, crop and quality are stabler, tubal material appears not easily nick and water-cooling shape phenomenon of accumulation of the false crackle that cause, fuse-element. The main factor that external diameter tubal material contracts to be in charge of material external diameter than commanding an influence is: 1, water is warm: Water Wen Yue is tall, product systole is smaller, vice versa. 2, vacuum pressure or controlling pressure: In 0.


06 between when pressure is higher, systole is smaller, vice versa. 3, manufacturing rate: Manufacturing rate is rapidder, systole tubal material is bigger, vice versa. 4, calm diameter covers length: Calm diameter is covered longer, manufacturing rate can be jumped over fast, product circularity is better, vice versa. 5, calm diameter covers vacuum chamfer effective and true interface: Diameter of certain limits decided at the higher level but not officially announced is covered on the effective and true interface of vacuum chamfer and vacuum aperture is bigger, product external diameter is bigger, jump over conversely small, this is some calm diameter are covered small, but manufacturing external diameter is big, some calm diameter are covered big, and the reason with product little instead external diameter. 6, calm diameter covers itself size and shape external diameter tubal material becomes direct ratio, in other condition same situation falls, calm diameter is covered bigger, external diameter tubal material is bigger, manufacturing rate is rapidder, by the retention period in deciding diameter to cover at material of hot semifinished product canal short, so calm diameter covers need bigger, produce rate conversely slower, the hot semifinished product retention period in be in charge of material to be covered in calm diameter is long, have the sufficient time that decide way, so calm diameter covers need lesser, systole of product line of canaliculus material high speed is in than ordinary control 5-8% , systole of low speed product line is in than ordinary control 3-5% , the cooling method that calm diameter covers and cooling effect affect product exterior quality and manufacturing efficiency directly. Drawing and dish the influence You Wugao that coils to be measured to producing quality fast product line linear velocity is very fast, if drawing does not have impaction inventory to coil machine the inertial pulling force with the powerful generation when exchanging a ring, make be in charge of material to be covered with calm diameter in buccal model between generation plays thin phenomenon, spend by Wu Su fast, yield is high, discover very hard, can form serious quality hidden danger. Strict quality is controlled 1, raw material put in storage must undertake strictly detecting according to the standard, unqualified raw material is not used. 2, first item inspection: Before coiling on must ability of certificate of proof dish roll, otherwise cannot dish roll. 3, every bunches between (8-10 minute) examine a wall thick with external diameter. 4, bind bunch dozen pressure, avoid accident impurity to reach play thin phenomenon. 5, bunch bunch say to weigh, mathematical calculation, prevent the thin wall product of check of dish of the leakage in coiling. 6, what undertake strictly tubal material by batch batch is complete index detects. 7, accomplish rejected product not to stick certificate of approval stoutly, rejected product does not leave factory. 8, tubal material has firm label demand, the basis is in charge of the strict and complete label on material but date from: The member that staff of stage of opportunity of time of manufacturing company, production, production, production, place uses raw material, identifier. Ⅰ , production of high speed of material of Ⅱ PE-RT canal wants to assure crop and quality, must use more advanced, the equipment with higher precision, mould, use the more reasonable, applicable method that decide way and good technology control, adopt strict quality to control method and the product that high grade raw material high speed produces high quality. Be aimed at the demand that field enlarges ceaselessly, answer to obtain inferior manufacturing finished cost and higher yield in order to improve labor productivity, make the price more reasonable, let an user get more material benefit will compete fairly, safeguard PE-RT to provide material jointly this kind of high grade product the good figure in user memory. CNC Milling