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The spare parts pours horny treatment

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The method that has a variety of distinct effects can be used at the long form of spare parts edge. The method that tells about here can make the long form treatment of spare parts edge more easy. In the case that machines actually, personnel of numerical control process designing is completing the issue with low efficiency of at last of the face when following treatment pouring wine cup. The task is the periphery in a spare parts and central antrum pour wine cup 0.

1 inch. The client awaits a part finishing, meeting classics haunt machines the spot to examine treatment plan. The treatment plan of this working procedure pouring wine cup really special slow, make a client dissatisfactory. The adoption of the accused of process designing personnel 3D pours horn to machine a method to accelerate plan. The cutting parameter that uses in treatment is as follows: Rotate speed 7000 turn / minute, feed 100 inches / minute, step pitch 0.

002 inches. Finish place of this working procedure pouring wine cup to need time to be 29 minutes. The biggest question of this cutting program depends on step pitch too small, and step pitch setting is in G code, cannot adjust on the machine tool. If increase cutting parameter as follows: Rotate speed 10000 turn / minute, feed 300 inches / minute, step pitch 0.

006 inches, floor-to-floor time can shorten for 3.

8 minutes. 3D method machines round horn. Can use round horn cutting tool to machine round horn edge, but install and adjust of round horn cutting tool relatively complex. Accordingly, more apt uses ball head to establish milling cutter to machine weak qualitative data to be like aluminium, round horn establishs milling cutter to process steel material. Use this kind of 3D to machine a method, the computer can finish all considerations and need to adjust scarcely. Round horn establishs milling cutter relatively the length of workpiece of cutting blade contact that ball head stands milling cutter is shorter, its cutting force is smaller also. Because the spare parts gives very easily to be machined in CAD software,horn is mixed round, design engineer is added to hypostatic model normally horn and round, let a spare parts look more beautiful so. But, the majority in them did not realise round horn of actual cutting treatment is mixed horn very take time, unlike is added on computer horn is mixed the circle is so simple. The existence side the garden inside the spare parts is inhomogenous pour wine cup. Appear the reason of this kind of circumstance is installed to height to pour the Z of horny knife incorrect it is so easy to use ball head to establish milling cutter and aperture of 3D method treatment to pour horn to machine horny unlike actually to look on the computer. The performance of cutting of part of point of a knife as a result of cutting tool pouring wine cup is bad, if process designing uses a center,cutting can produce burr. Because the space discharging bits of part of point of a knife is insufficient,this is, and the academic cutting linear velocity of point of a knife is 0. In addition, point of a knife also is not absolutely and sharp. Want to make horny knife cutting neat do not have burr, point of a knife needs deflection cutting outline. In the CAM software of new edition, knife pouring wine cup can slant buy gives neat rough sketch with cutting. In slant when buy pours horny knife, the deepness of cutting tool wants correct. If incorrect, will inside round place pouring wine cup is cut pour wine cup inhomogenously. Although this problem can be solved through planning in detail to come beforehand, but when be being machined for not main feature when end of craft pouring wine cup, can be opposite this need not consider too much, can let the computer solve relevant problem. Pour wine cup to majority for, the cutting that can use a ball to head and round horn establish milling cutter and apply 3D process designing machines a method. Such, the computer can finish all considerations, and need not worry about burr, slant buy cutting tool or inhomogenous pour the problem such as horn. What want a consideration exclusively is to choose horny milling cutter, make cutting tool diameter is less than the smallest wait for cut inside round diameter. The insufficient place of this kind of method depends on, want to finish whole cutting pouring wine cup through many second feed, handling time is longer. Accordingly, increase cutting dosage to improve treatment efficiency as far as possible normally. CNC Milling