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True small treatment

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The accuracy of the image that scintilla splatters and system of large 5 axes laser has become the hep characteristic inside industrial domain, manufacturer of equipment of no less than people exhibit in large tool, what reveal on the IMTS that holds in Chicago biennially for instance. Recently, a series of new laser tools had begun to become the center that people pays close attention to, namely system of laser small treatment. These laser products are implementation at present industry is made in complex requirement offerred technical way. Current industry is made in the requirement has freeboard precision, tool dimension is infinitesimal almost. The increasingly strict requirement in manufacturing industry already became a fact, no matter you are the gear wheel that a few electrons dictate or producing size of silk of a hair and stand are kept on the chip of size of a coin. Bao Bi (0.

010 inches) the sample that stainless steel solders, undertake to be in charge of body and end to build polishing laser small processing technique is after that a few with other technology inextricability problem provides understanding definitely plan. For instance, it makes treatment process beardless undertake the spare parts is contacted, also do not have mechanical active force on the spare parts, in addition, it can get is infinitesimal almost and won't cracked tool. The laser that can use different wavelengh will process specific data, and do not affect same an other place on the spare parts. The consistency that the energy of laser can accuse gender and output makes it OK the treatment deepness that gets micron measures level. To laser beam machining, the hardness of material is not a serious problem, such is in pottery and porcelain perhaps gets a diameter on diamond for 0.

005 inches aperture, mix be in on stainless steel, copper or FR4 PCB material like bore. Because stimulate facula of beam of light small, energy can accuse, use laser to solder so careful component, be like foil this metalloid is chip, perhaps undertake close soldering and sealing is received do not have a problem. Such, dinky aperture, it is blind aperture even, use appropriate wavelengh and optical component to also can be finished very well. One of characteristics with laser the most useful technology stimulate the wavelengh of beam of light namely. Laser wavelengh cent is different color, visible light and sightless light. All material are absorbed or reflex the light of different wavelengh; Silicon, use at IC core chip (the cerebra of IC chip) make, general it does not absorb the light that is more than 1100 Nm. Glass, 2 oxidation silicon, common perhaps transparent material, the light that can pass through infra-red wave band (1064 Nm) , make light-wave penetrable material and without any influences. CO2 laser, wavelengh is 10, 600 Nm, can be absorbed by major organic material and no matter they are of what color. Normally system of laser small treatment used these characteristics to do special work. For instance, in car radio was in a poor light a plastic button includes in pushbutton, there is painting of a white above, it is a black above other perhaps dark look. Of infra-red wavelengh (1064nm) stimulate black of light energy purify to paint, it can be absorbed by laser, but, laser is reflexed on white paint, won't destroy the white below so. Want to have a bit light only, you can see in " the glow in darkness " radio button. Have when you a series of pack polychromaticly with label, need is written " manufacturing date " serve as necessary permanent mark with lot number, can use CO2 wavelengh laser here (10, 600 Nm) , its beam of light is OK be absorbed by all coating that be white no matter still is black and ink. Another problem is how to solder sealedly of a stainless steel but the rich since transplanting implement, it must be in a vacuum is indoor be soldered. Use case of glove of a vacuum, use inside the glove of buy comes to load and processing spare parts, glazing is inserted in the coping of this establishment, use infra-red wavelengh next (1064 Nm) laser, it can penetrate glass, got welding line on the spare parts inside vacuum antrum so. Wavelengh machines the sample of the process optionally. Compound of mould of ablation of 1064 Nm laser, but preserved very small solder line and solder site -- IC invalidation analysis is high frequency and successive and electrified laser cavity, its move limits of Q pulse frequency to be 1kHz to 100kHz (some pulse laser can be as high as MHz limits even) , and limits of design of laser of low frequency pulse arrives for 10Hz 100Hz. Tone Q frequency is lower, machine down time is longer, the energy of every pulse is bigger. Low tone Q frequency is used at cut, stiletto and treatment are made. High frequency pulse, power of its peak value is lesser, but can use at the average power that solder and fuses bigger, and cut and underline won't be affected an area by heat (HAZ) negative effect. In pulse laser, every time laser modulation pulse, stimulate light energy to be sent once. Normally prep above of secondary of its energy layer moves these pulse Q laser, and it is better to want to the control of energy. The pulse energy of pulse laser is very successive, can be used at a lot of circumstances, perhaps ask to have accurate deepness pilot case, perhaps ask to deep hole is drilled in the data that processing hard. The arteries and veins of laser is wide be fixed when designing laser housing, probable this is one of most main in small treatment character. In every pulse of laser, no matter it is tone Q laser (the job arrives in 1KHz 100KHz) or pulse laser (the job arrives in 1Hz 100Hz) , have a periodic time, inside this paragraph of time the actual energy of pulse is released. This paragraph of time-interval is crucial to any processes of laser system. If arteries and veins is wide very short, little at 60 accept second, there can be ablation on target material or vaporization process arises, hot influence area is very small. A lot of crucial small treatment processes may carry the district around to laser or package did not heat up an influence. Laser cut can get directly on the electric equipment of in use, and outside the effect that needs besides place, won't electric to it character brings other change. Longer arteries and veins is wide, be more than 100 Ns, every pulse has less peak value power, but the time that is because of energy over there is longer, so these pulse can offer useful in a lot of laser application character. When material too sensitive, and the concussion that cannot suffer the higher energy with shorter wide arteries and veins, for instance diamond stiletto or cut, or material needs to absorb more quantity of heat or laser is obtained cut and the cleaner brim quality when underlining, what if ITO is small,ask in that way, longer arteries and veins is wide be advantageous and rather than is harmful. Stimulate beam of light a clear advantage is no matter beam of light has many small (be less than 25 micron even) , it won't be cracked in workpiece implode, it also won't become blunt when spare parts interior is machined. This kind of treatment characteristic that is not contact is having the advantage of a lot of respects. Any moment of force did not use on the spare parts, require very few amount only so and not expensive fixed plant. A lot of systems do not use fixed device: The spare parts is placed to be in visual system, the computation that after defining the position and point of view, is inputted to launch laser controls a system, undertake machining to the spare parts after that. Other system allows operator to set a part below camera, next CAD image by " procrastinate to move and be placed " to proper place, undertake the spare parts is machined next. The infinitesimal idea that machines a tool very the need accord with people, because of the treatment in the tradition, especially in small treatment, the tool is smaller, corresponding difficulty is greater. Traditional tool can rupture, little bit can be folded bend or shift, and milling cutter discharges even the electrode in treatment is only right dimension of some a few the smallest features is effective. Use change wavelengh and optical device, laser facula size can be adjusted to assume a post meaning dimension. Small the cut width to 25 micron and small become a possibility to the alveolus of 25 micron, in addition, the optical device that adopts film of use attack by surprise and elephantine plane, can realize diagnostic dimension to be in micron even inferior micron measures level. A lot of small treatment application involved accurate deepness to control (amount to precision of micron of small Mi Heya) , for example the sunken antrum of lube film, or of equipment of fluid systematic circulation flexible the raceway groove that hits on material. Arteries and veins is wide the example that affects area effect with heat -- the alveolus of the 15 micron on pottery and porcelain. Left alveolus is by leather second ultraviolet laser gets, right is by flying second ultraviolet laser gets. Move inside the error that other case may need to measure level in micron except corporeal layer in order to protect the share below, be in for example a miniature is multilayer a of copper of the take out in mixture circuit edition, and do not destroy the other layer below. Another example is the insulation layer outside the purify in multi-line cable and do not affect inside the insulating properties of electrical wiring, and whole cable diameter has 200 micron only, the ply of insulation layer measures level in micron. Too hard and the material that cannot be machined with traditional technique is laser small treatment is main makings of equipment select material. For instance diamond, it is used at a lot of circumstances of industrial domain, also be used at jewelry industry and cosmetic course of study. Laser technology is used at producing water nozzle, and the die that uses Yulasi. To the nozzle in water cut system, use laser technology, alveolus is hit in a diamond on built-in head. These nozzle want susceptive pressure to exceed 55, 000 Psi, the velocity of flow of water is 3000 Ft/s. Alveolus diameter limits is 50-400 micron. To get very fine silk, people undertakes to material through pulling filar die silk works dialing; Why do this fall in these conditions namely should choose diamond. Depending on laser technology to undertake manufacturing another manufacturing case is, in horniness material (like Hastalloy) on drill very small Kong Huo's very deep hole, get reaction engine lamina go up thereby medicinal powder hot aperture. In this application, used pulse laser to have percussion drill opening. This technology used the pulse that repeats a form, every pulse that has stable and high-energy amount decides quantitative material besides solid. The small size facula that laser beam welding receives a system to have and can accuse, stable energy makes it becomes a few traditional MIG to solder, TIG solders, gas solders or send filar equipment place the good choice in not applicable circumstance. The diameter is 1.

88 Mm Bao Bi crystal of columnar shape electron, its wall is large can be 125 micron only, in-house component is enclosed must be gone to one case by solder, make cap OK be located in cylinder interior about the position of the half. Implementation solders this to won't bring overmuch caloric again the laser that only method is use focusing bundle. Today, in the hi-tech content domain of manufacturing industry, the field of low technology content that produces in a lot of traditions even, the use of system of laser small treatment is endless. Basic characteristic and example just are opposite the laser technology that mentions here a few preliminary introductions of the production tool of this rapid progress. CNC Milling