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Line cut machine tool for many times cut from time to tome what note?

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(1) when molybdenum silk sky goes, examination molybdenum silk shakes. (2) the mark that whether surface of electric conduction piece has cut, molybdenum silk whether defect is inside electric conduction piece. (3) working fluid discharge and colour and lustre are normal. (4) before treatment, flow needs imitate. The cut program that judgement system creates is clear. (5) according to material characteristic, the working beyond allowance that cuts off finally grows as far as possible a bit, in order to reduce material metabolic effect. (6) a few problems of surface of the job after machine tool cut: ① surface has stria, may be electrode silk shake or material is out of shape and deflection quantity setting is unreasonable those who cause. ② job expresses two end shading is serious, the problem of working fluid. The proposal can try to use liquid of cut of BM-4 water base line. The workpiece after cut of ③ machine tool, please seasonable always oxalic acid is cleaned, rinse next fluid of incomplete of oxalic acid of strong scour off. Wipe water be soiled with clean calico, on final antirust oil. CNC Milling