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Reduce the specific power consumption of EDM machine tool

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Discharge of EDM line cut machines a machine tool, from its property comes up say, need expends quite big energy, because in fact, what they use is the method that electric spark erodes treatment. This kind of craft needs a dynamo, three-phase electric current of the standard changeover becomes cut pulse, run all servo actuating device and hydraulic pump electric machinery, in order to support this kind of craft. Be in 10 years or 15 years before, a lot of EDM machine tools use DC kind direct current source will produce electric spark. Today, this kind of machine tool still is being used. Machine tool of EDM line cut used very tall ignition pulse, make medium water produces ionization thereby, generate cut pulse by its next. The cut electric spark to assure the others can in a steady stream furnishs ceaselessly, the electric energy that requires when the electric spark that start is very big, because this needs to pass library of component of a resistor,the electric energy that measures to exceeding undertakes filtering handling, this is to produce superfluous caloric a process, because this workshop must consider equipment of installation air conditioning. A few datedder machine tools use one suit to have the fluid system of 3 hydraulic pump: Among them be used at water filter; A lesser circulation that is used at colophony system moves; Another bigger use at advocate high-pressured system. Filter pump is in ceaseless locomotive condition all the time, advocate no matter high-pressured pump moves with same rate from beginning to end below cut condition or unused condition, make the liquid moves circularly ceaselessly, in order to maintain its thermal stability. This caused many energy resources to use up. The machine tool can move with the mode of managing cost, reduce the wastage of cut line, and after completing the work, the machine tool will be in dormancy condition today's machine tool is had more the character of environmental protection, there was very great progress in a lot of respects, the specific power consumption that reduced them greatly thereby and cover an area of an area. The number is prevented electroanalysis the function with pulse better to arriving since the formation of cut pulse generator, reduced the ion of the generation in current; This also decreased to go to DI the bear of ionic colophony system, make its life lengthened 3 times. Some systems use circuit of second birth of an electric power, it can store the electric current of excessive, in order to generate next ignition pulse. This kind of structure cancelled the resistor component warehouse that uses on vintage dc dynamo, reduced specific power consumption thereby. New fluid system contains more hydraulic pump, design for all sorts of functions technically, accordingly its run frequency inferior. Present advocate pump is but the inversion of gearshift device, controallable water is measured and hydraulic, when the machine tool moves, all and hydraulic push concentration the cut to the machine tool to machine a head to go up. Now, fluid circulatory system is managed by lesser detached type hydraulic pump, let current pass refrigeration implement move, make machine tool with so low that much cost maintains its thermal stability. This machine tool can move with the mode of managing cost, reduce the wastage of cut line, and after completing the work, the machine tool will be in dormancy condition; When its are in dormancy mode, its specific power consumption is equivalent to the bulb of a 100W only. The area of other specific power consumption of machine tool of EDM line cut, include electric machinery of main shaft drive and cut line drive / Zhang Jin system. Although the power consumption of these area is so not as apparent as power source and hydraulic pump electric machinery, but in going a few years, the course is transformed excelsiorly, their function and efficiency had very big rise. The dc electromotor of nowadays used the magnet brake of pulverous metallurgy agglomeration; Electromotor of former imitate type dc, had changed type of amount to word to communicate a system, its operation moves to need only a few electric energy. Today's machine tool power consumption should decrease than vintage machine tool about 30% . CNC Milling