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One kind is based on the structure of hierarchy of control of open sex intelligence of ambiguous nerve network

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One, foreword is oriented times with consumer in future, how to change quickly to market environment make quick response, master the demand of the user in time, effectively production and the product kimono Wu that provide your user satisfaction, be matter to an enterprise live with development. As the progress of social development and technology, the lifecycle of the product is shorter and shorter, traditional mass production already cannot satisfy an user to be opposite product model and norms increasingly the demand of grow in quantity, the enterprise must have very tall flexible with the ability that organizes project of give somebody a new lease on life oneself, for this, people already put forward flexible make, collateral project, computer is compositive make, fictitious make and intelligence is made wait for producer type, in order to get used to the change of prospective market and demand. Machining programmed control to make a system is technology of foundation of intelligent production unit, because machine a process to exist nonlinear, when the influence of the respect such as denaturation and influencing factor uncertainty, be based on linear or satisfy intelligence to make a system hard from adaptive control the requirement to machining a process. Because this introduces intelligence to control a technology, the system of intelligent treatment control that development is not depended on or relies on a model less is very necessary and beneficial, the height that gets used to production system especially is compositive change and intelligence changes need. Traditional production system, be open on raw material and the sources of energy, and it is however on information close or close basically, basically do not need to also cannot accept outside information, want to input energy only, this kind of equipment can run, this kind of system attributes energy drive model; And intelligent production system attributes information drive model, ask to be open on raw material and energy not only, and the requirement is opened adequately also on information [1] . Actually, from information angle for, intelligent production system is one has what information exchanges to organize a system oneself with the environment, it is the dissipation structure that is far from balance condition [2] . the product consequently the definition is: "Gift on primitive resource the child of information and knowledge " , and treat production process: "Gift the process of information and knowledge " [3] . Intelligence machines the open sex that controls a system to include the implication of two respects: It is the structure opens a gender, it is information compositive as compositive as the system material foundation; The 2 open sexes that are intelligence, this is the fundamental requirement that raises systematic intelligence to have man-machine club, in compositive in changing a system, emphasize emphasize former, and change in intelligence latter emphasizes in the system -- intellectual study opens a gender to give priority to, at the same time of system of give attention to two or morethings compositive change need [4] . The person gifts the intelligence of the machine, the intellective content that is a person is changed. Open a gender only, ability achieves man-machine cooperation, only organic height links person and machine, ability realizes the true intelligence of production process to change. 2, intelligent control structure is in civil [4, on the foundation of 5] , the open sex intelligence that we advance a kind to be based on ambiguous nerve network machines a process to control a system, if the graph is shown 1 times,use give rank intelligence controls a construction, a variety of confluence of information of much sensor of this construction market, intelligence technologies and man-machine cooperation at an organic whole. Whole intelligence controls graph lieutenant general the system differentiates to coordinate class and control class to organize class, intelligence (by ambiguous nerve network control realizes) . Control of ambiguous nerve network and form of object be accusinged finish real time process to control into closed circuit (the graph is controlled with achieving constant cutting power for exemple) ; Intelligence coordinates class performance of system of the control of online real time that monitor, online adjust controller, have effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following; Constituent degree is online the job of harmonious to intelligence class undertakes supervisory guidance and evaluation, gather environmental information, the supervisory guidance that accepts a person learns, the system provides information of necessary operating mode process to the person, and network of nerve of biology of head of choose and employ persons of person criterion benefit undertakes machining handling to operating mode information, provide effective pedagogic signal for intelligent organization, be enriched effectively and revise intelligence to coordinate class, make the character of whole control system gets improvement stage by stage, and realize the surveillance of whole process and breakdown call the police processing. Main properties is system of construction of control of this open sex intelligence now: Administrative levels sex, open sex, compositive change be changed with intelligence and man-machine cooperation. Control according to intelligence " precision is reduced along with intelligence and increase " principle, the compositive, communication that high-level pilot target is knowledge, harmonious [6] . This system can pass communication interface and ranking system connection, form older intelligent system. 3, structural characteristic (1) is in this system, pass confluence of much sensor information, make a large number of information can be in when control is decision-making be able to consider, make the character that controls a system more actor, can satisfy the requirement of the complexity in intelligent monitoring process, precision and dependability, overcame traditional and onefold sensor to control systematic defect. Parameter of process of treatment of report of graph lieutenant general (if cutting force, sound blasts off, oscillatory, noise) sensor signal feedback gives an organization level, signal classics pretreatment (small analysis, rich li of leaf analysis) , after diagnostic extraction and information confluence, undertake discriminating to machining process condition currently, decision-making, control and breakdown are diagnosed etc. (2) should be given rank intelligence controls a construction, have trends to supervise guidance study from study and man-machine. The multistage that puts forward by Saridis is given rank intelligence controls a system, intelligence basically is reflected go up in high administrative levels, executive class still uses existing maths analytic model control is algorithmic, the instinctive inference that does not facilitate the qualitative information in handling a process and benefit servantchoose a person for a job, logic and experience, achieve favorable control result hard to uncertainty system [7] . And in this project, executive class used control of ambiguous nerve network, can overcome these weakness consequently. Here uses nerve network to realize ambiguous controller, use nerve network to remember ability to remember some of faintness is regular, the network has the capacity of the experience pattern that reflects ambiguous regulation, the weight of join of network of self-correcting of ability of self-study be used to that uses nerve network, achieve the goal that adjusts ambiguous regulation. Person basis dominates the information of operating mode process that the system provides and environmental news, provide effective pedagogic signal for the system. (A variety of intelligent means be in harmony are 3) an organic whole, technology of will different intelligence (network of ambiguous, nerve, artificial intelligence) compositive rise, form the mixture intelligence system with complementary function. Ambiguous system is used effectively and handle ambiguous knowledge and information, but study ability is insufficient, and the good study of nerve network, as it happens can make up for the inadequacy that ambiguous system learns. Because this can pass nerve network to learn a person (expert) already some knowledge, the can ceaseless in practice geoscience that makes reviews, raise systematic adaptability. 4, system of control of intelligence of process of last word treatment is the fundamental unit technology that intelligence makes, the article put forward a variety of confluence of information of much sensor of a kind of collect, intelligence technologies and man-machine cooperation to control a system at the integrated intelligence of an organic whole. For this, learn the basic knowledge such as ambiguous regulation through nerve network above all, make the system has active study and the foundation that accumulate new knowledge and capacity, enter ego study, ego to accumulate next, ego is adjusted and ego organizes level. Collect of this construction system a variety of thinking means (logistic thinking and thinking in images) at. An organic whole, have sufficient open sex, when undertaking with the environment information is exchanged, introduce negative entropy to flow, make the system gets evolution ceaselessly. This system has good man-machine interface, have online the ability that update and perfects knowledge from the line, online the parameter that moves to be able to be revised according to environmental change and optimize controller, have intelligence according to much sensor information decision-making diagnose with breakdown. CNC Milling